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Mailbag: Why So Few Snaps For Tony Pollard?


Any idea why Tony Pollard was not utilized during the Saints game? Don't get me wrong, Zeke's my man, but the one-two punch certainly seems to keep teams off balance. - JONATHAN FRAMBES / COLUMBUS, OH

Bryan: Practiced him all week. Had him part of the game plan. Coaches made the decision not to use him. Felt like he could have helped getting the ball on the edges where the Saints had problems.

Rob: Pollard only got two snaps on offense, but Jason Garrett said the flow of the game affected his usage. The offense wasn't on the field enough for Elliott to need a break, and they wanted to get Zeke and the running game in a rhythm. It just never got rolling Sunday.

It seems pretty early to be saying this considering how young of a player he is, but it really felt like the Cowboys were missing Michael Gallup on offense against the Saints. The coaching staff is taking a lot of criticism for the play calling, but I think poor execution combined with Gallup's absence could've had just as much to do with the lack of offensive production. Thoughts? - TOMMY CALDWELL / EATONTOWN, NJ

Bryan: Gallup would have put pressure on their defense, especially in the middle of the field. Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen dared the Cowboys to beat him with Randall Cobb and Devin Smith and he won. Cowboys associate athletic trainer/director of rehabilitation Britt Brown has worked magic with these injuries of getting players back quickly. Hearing he's making great progress with Gallup, so hopefully we see him for this Green Bay game because they need him.

Rob: The Cowboys like Devin Smith as an option outside, but yes, there's a reason Gallup was their leading receiver through two games. His presence might have meant less coverage rolled Amari Cooper's way. Plus, Dak Prescott just seems to have a really good rapport with Gallup building off last season. Gallup also has done a better job of making contested catches this year, and that would've helped against tight coverage by the Saints' secondary.

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