Same Old Philadelphia Story

since the end of the 1993 season.

That means the Cowboys must worry first, and solely about Philadelphia. Sure, the Eagles are but 3-4. And sure, two of those three victories came against the now 1-7 Jets and 2-5 Vikings. But let us not forget the Eagles recovering from last year's 4-4 start to finish 10-6 and win the NFC East.

"I want my team to understand, don't go in there looking at the record," Ellis said.

Maybe shouldn't go in there looking at the mere 139 points the Eagles have scored - 88 fewer than the Cowboys - or that without the 52-point effort against Detroit in their first win of the season the Eagles are averaging all of 14.5 points in their other six games. Instead, maybe consider only themselves, having scored no more than 18 points in six of the past eight games in Philadelphia, be it at The Vet or The Linc, and no more than 13 in five of those.

In the other two? Well, the Cowboys were able to eek out a win in 2005 scoring just 21 (21-20) and lost when scoring an eight-year high of 24 last year.

Great III.

But this never seems to fail, running head first into the Eagles just when the Cowboys seem to be getting somewhere. Happened last year, right, in that Game 15, the 9-5 Cowboys losing to the 8-6 Eagles? Happened in 2003, the Cowboys heading into Philadelphia 8-4, only to lose, the Eagles going on to win the division and the Cowboys finishing two games back at 10-6.

Hey, you remember that 1990 season? The Cowboys headed into Philly 7-7, and a win would have sent them to the playoffs as it turned out. But Troy Aikman gets hurt early, and the Cowboys lose those final two games to finish 7-9, a New Orleans victory short of qualifying for the playoffs.

And wasn't it in 1991 the Cowboys needed to beat Philly in Game 15 to qualify for the playoffs that year? That time they did. And there were the Eagles again in 1992, beating the Cowboys the first time, 31-7, in that monumental Monday night game at the Vet, only to have the Cowboys beat them later in the season and then in the divisional playoff game.

Eagles, Eagles, Eagles, always the Eagles it seems.

"Great test this week," said Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips, the former Eagles defensive coordinator who knows a little about both sides of the coin playing in Philadelphia. "A big test for us."

Yeah, we know.

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