Where Did The Month Of November Go?

Written by Cassie Trammell

Every year I ask the same question: Where did the month of November go? It goes by so quickly every year. I'm not sure if it's because we are so busy with the Cowboys, or if this year is just going extra fast because I need to get more wedding planning and all of my Christmas shopping done this month. Either way, I feel like once again time has been pulled right out from under my feet.

This year we are leaving for our USO tour much earlier than normal because of our Dec. 24 home game. We have to be back to cheer on our 'Boys for the last regular season outing at Cowboys Stadium. We will be traveling to Japan and Korea Dec. 13-22, so you can see why I'm doing a little panicky about Christmas shopping! I have to get it all done before the week of the 13th because I will be taking finals at school, having last-minute packing sessions, and practicing dress rehearsals leading up to our departure. Plus, when we get home from tour, we have rehearsal that night, the next night, and a game immediately after that … complete with a new halftime performance that we have to know and perfect before we leave on tour.

I am stressed out just thinking about it!

Today when I looked at my calendar I think I had a minor heart attack. There is no way there is just one more week of November! So basically I am closing the wedding planning book until January, if I even have the strength after the month I'm about to have. I might need to take a couple of weeks to hibernate if I'm being completely honest.

I can probably afford to stay a little jet-lagged for the first few days, then on Christmas Day I'm sure it will hit me. I haven't been home for the past two Christmas holidays, so I'm sure even with all the excitement, that will be the day that I crash. I mean after an eight-day USO tour filled with dancing and traveling, two whole days of flights, two rehearsals, and an entire football game complete with pregame, four quarter-changes and a halftime … maybe I'll be fine. Odds are, though, I'll be a zombie this year on Christmas Day. Sorry, Mom!

However, this week is a very exciting one. We are preparing for our annual Salvation Army Thanksgiving halftime performance. I believe since the Cowboys started the tradition, I have only missed dancing in one Thanksgiving game. This year's halftime should be NO. 15 for me if I am correct.

Every year since I was seven, I have experienced the rush of performing in The Salvation Army halftime show, and every year "doing the most good" still gives me chills. I used to perform as a Jr. DCC, then as a studio dancer, and now as a cheerleader. It is a performance that you can never forget, and I am so lucky to have been a part of 15 of them after this week.

The Cowboys started with the inaugural Kettle Kickoff with Reba McEntire, and each year they have had an awesome artist participate for the charity. They ranged from Clint Black, Randy Travis, Toby Keith and Carrie Underwood, to pop stars like Kelly Clarkson, Destiny's Child and Jessica Simpson. The shows have even featured chart-topping rock artists like Creed and Daughtry.

Every year the performance is different from before, which is what makes the halftime so special. There is always something new to look at. This year with Enrique Iglesias, we have an amazing show lined up and a ton of cool stuff going on throughout the stadium. Every year, Judy Trammell choreographs an amazing show, and I don't think she is given enough recognition for how hard she works on Thanksgiving and the weeks leading up to the game.

So if I have officially stressed you out with how busy we all are, then I apologize. We can handle it, though, as we have always done it in the past. Be sure to tune into the game on CBS this Thursday to root for the Cowboys against Miami, and to check out The Salvation Army Thanksgiving halftime performance!

Then, if you know any DCC that are going on tour, give them a word of encouragement, because we are going to need every extra boost we can get after this week!

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