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Hey Cowboys Nation,

It is a blessing and an honor to have fun with the most talented people on the planet. Every day I feel like I am going to wake up from a dream. None of this feels real, so I just take in every moment as if it's my last.

I was born in Clarksdale, MS and lived in Fargo, North Dakota for a little bit. I graduated from Southaven High School and went to Hinds Community College for Music Performance. During my time in Mississippi and North Dakota, I played over 15 different percussion instruments in orchestras, marching bands, churches and school and college plays. But mentally, I was suffering from pride, depression, and impatience. Back in March, I moved to Texas to begin a new chapter. I was homeless for 2 1⁄2 months while taking mental health therapy but eventually got a job at a car dealership, a church gig, an apartment and am in a better place.

I'm so happy to be able to play snare after college and will forever be grateful to the entire

DCRB family. I want to send a huge thank you to my friends, family and mentors who were patient enough to deal with my hard headedness along this crazy journey. I don't know where I would be without the random phone calls and text messages of love and encouragement.

This team has been my breath of fresh air every week. I can't wait for the world to see our hard work, dedication, and love for our craft and each other. Nobody does it better than us!


  • Number of years on the team: This is my first year on the team.
  • Prior Dance/Entertainment Industry: Church, school and college band, Orchestras, and plays.
  • Nicknames: DJ
  • Hometown: Clarksdale, MS
  • I drum because: I drum because it's all I know.
  • What I like to do most besides drum: What I like to do most besides drum is watch YouTube.
  • I've always wanted to: I have always wanted to go skydiving.
  • Advice to Youngsters: Be yourself the people that are for you will come to you
  • My biggest role model is: My biggest role model is my future self, I see him doing way better than I am now.
  • What I enjoy most about being a DCRB drummer is: What I enjoy most about being a DCRB drummer is I can be as loud as I want to be.
  • Favorite Cowboys player past or present: My favorite Cowboys player ever is Michael Irving.
  • Favorite performer: My favorite performer is Anderson Paak.
  • Favorite music: Black Gospel
  • Favorite Quote: "See ya Space Cowboy"
  • The three guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are (dead or alive): If I could invite three guests to my fantasy dinner party they would be Karlous Miller, Tatsuro Yamashita (to convince him to put his music out on all platforms), and my French teacher from 12th grade.