The Legends Show, hosted by Mickey Spagnola and Bill Jones, features a Cowboys Legend each week. Listen every Wednesday night!

Wednesday, Sept. 57:00 p.m.KRLD (1080-AM)Nate Newton
Wednesday, Sept. 127:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Everson Walls
Wednesday, Sept. 197:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Dat Nguyen
Wednesday, Sept. 267:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Walt Garrison
Wednesday, Oct. 37:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Randy White
Wednesday, Oct. 107:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Gil Brandt
Wednesday, Oct. 177:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Dennis Thurman
Wednesday, Oct. 317:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Drew Pearson
Wednesday, Nov. 77:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Alvin Harper
Wednesday, Nov. 147:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)“Mean” Joe Greene
Wednesday, Nov. 217:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Bill Bates
Wednesday, Nov. 287:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Danny White
Wednesday, Dec. 57:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Patrick Crayton
Wednesday, Dec. 127:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Larry Brown
Wednesday, Dec. 197:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Mike Singletary
Wednesday, Jan. 27:00 p.m.The Fan (105.3-FM)Cliff Harris

Dates, times and guests are subject to change.