Social Media and Game Day Credential Policies

Please read the following Media Policies BEFORE requesting access to any Cowboys media event.

  • The Dallas Cowboys do not credential internet radio or online television outlets.
  • Non-sports formatted publications and radio outlets will only be considered for one (1) reporter credential per event. Photography, videography and marketing requests for such outlets will NOT be reviewed.
  • Only websites and digital media outlets owned by one of the NFL’s major television broadcast partners (i.e. FOX, CBS, ESPN, NBC) or those owned by a long-standing national publication (ex. Sports Illustrated) will be considered for access.
  • Per the NFL’s sideline video access agreement, only the home and visiting team’s major market TV affiliates will be granted access to the playing field to video game action. All other TV affiliates granted access to the game may obtain copies of this pool footage from any local affiliate partner.
  • On game day, credentialed reporters WILL NOT be permitted access to the playing field during the pregame period.
  • A reporter issued a press box credential will be required to work in the press box until five (5) minutes prior to the end of the fourth quarter before proceeding to the post-game interview areas and locker rooms.
  • Media not performing a pregame job function are NOT permitted on field during the pregame period, regardless of the access granted them by their credential. Non-working credentialed personnel will be asked to leave the field.
  • Prior to the end of the game, NO reporter will be given access to the field. Reporters may leave the press box with five minutes remaining in the game, but they WILL NOT be permitted to enter the playing field area until both teams and their personnel have cleared the field.
  • Outside of network television and network radio interviews, NO player or coach interviews will be permitted on the field immediately after the game.
  • The Dallas Cowboys DO NOT issue any "grip" or "runner" passes for any reason. Additionally, NO season credentials will be issued to interns.
  • With the recent emergence of several live broadcasting social media applications, the Dallas Cowboys have put into place the following policy for social media posting – especially for live streaming platforms (including, but not limited to, Ustream, Periscope,Snapchat, Meerkat,Facebook Live, etc.). This policy is in effect for all media availabilities, events or activities on team premises that are attended by media through credentialed access – including training camp, games and practices at AT&T Stadium and media access at The Star in Frisco. Please note that this policy is in line with the National Football League’s online video regulations posted for full review at
  • Media availabilities (press conferences, locker room, etc.), open practice sessions and other team activities on club premises (The Star / AT&T Stadium / River Ridge Complex, other venues team events may occur) may not be broadcast live by an individual or media outlet (this includes the use of social media applications such as Ustream, Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook Live and Meerkat, among others) unless explicitly approved by the Dallas Cowboys Public Relations department in advance of the event.
  • In accordance with the National Football League’s online video regulations, any content (live or otherwise) gathered through credentialed access may not be archived online for longer than 24 hours and must be limited to 90 seconds in length, per day.
  • No content can be streamed online by any media outlet unless the approved stream is also simulcast live on the outlet’s television or radio broadcast.
  • Still photography and live video of any kind in and around the team’s locker room is not permitted by an individual or media outlet. This includes, but is not limited to uses on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Credentialed members of the media are NOT permitted to seek autographs or personal photos from players, coaches or other team personnel while serving as a “working” member of the media. The Dallas Cowboys reserve the right to revoke any media credential for abuse of this or any other restriction.
  • For security reasons, media are prohibited from photographing team issued media credentials and sharing those images on social media. Doing so may cause the credential and access to be revoked.