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Join this growing tailgate movement built by you- the die-hard Cowboys fans! Check out the latest in grilling products, recipes, music, and other gameday must-haves and happenings. Join in on the fun by using the hashtag #TailgateNation on Twitter and Instagram, or send us your favorite recipes, tailgate pictures, and ideas toTailgateNation@DallasCowboys.net. Stay tuned for exclusive Cowboys experiences, prizes, and more!

Pork Tenderloin

It's that time again Cowboys fans. It's time to grill! Today I would like to share with you my secret of one of the best port tenderloins you've ever had at your tailgate party. I like to cook a 9-12 lb. pork loin when grilling. Try to trim the excess fat from your tenderloin as best you can. Rub a light coat of olive oil all over your pork loin. Next, cover the pork loin real heavy with your favorite multi-purpose seasoning. I use a whole bottle of seasoning (small bottle). Place the tenderloin on a non-direct heat space on your grill. The rack above or the side of the grill works just fine. Slow cook this for about 2 hours. Using a meat thermometer, cook the tenderloin until the center of the loin reaches 152 degrees. When the tenderloin is ready, slice the loin thin and serce with creamy horseradish sauce or Bar-B-Que sauce.

Grilled Onion Burger

It's grilling time again Cowboys fans and it's time to tailgate! What would be better to have at your tailgate or at your Bar-B-Que than my famous grilled onion burger? Start with a ½ lb. of hamburger meat padded out to make a nice, thick burger patty. Take a whole purple onion and cut a thicker than normal slice of onion. Find a glass that is about the same size on the bottom as your onion. Press the bottom of the glass on the hamburger to create a pocket for the onion to sit down in. make sure your onion fits down tight into the patty. Add salt, pepper and paprika. Place the hamburger on the grill onion side up. When ready to turn, flip carefully keeping the onion in the patty.​

Preparing Your Grill

One of the most important parts of grilling is getting your fire just right. Preparing the perfect fire for your grill involves using the perfect charcoal. You should always use 100% natural charcoal. I prefer to mix Hardwood Briquettes and Mesquite Wood Charcoal, placing the mesquite wood on the bottom and the briquettes on top. You first mst size up your grill and determine how much charcoal you need. Small grills usually take around 10 lbs. On small grills, I like to place 2 or 3 Fire Starters in a charcoal cylinder. Light the wrapper and put the charcoal over the top of the fire starter. If you have a larger grill like mine that holds up to 30 lbs. of charcoal, I like to pile the charcoal in the middle andpour a bottle of Fire Starter Lighter Fluid on top. Now it is time to back up and wait until all your charcoal turns white. Once the charcoal turns white, spread the charcoal out evenly over the bottom of the grill. Then place chunks of Mesquite 100% Natural Wood on top-not too many, just enough to give it that great mesquite, smoke flavor. Now your fire's ready. Time to cook!​