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Team Up to Serve

Team Up to Serve

Presented by

Team Up to Serve

Presented by UnitedHealth Group

"The Dallas Cowboys and UnitedHealth Group are both deeply committed to the greater Dallas community," - Charlotte Jones

Leader Board

Team Up To Serve

Team Up To Serve Leader Board

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Rank Name Hours
1 United in Purpose 33.5 Hours
2 Team United 21 3.5 Hours
3 Team United 1 3 Hours
OAS Texas Payer Deliver
WellMed Warrior DIVAS
The Stockyard Sweethearts
Notorious U.H.G
The 2 Susans and Me
Diggs for Good
UHCSR All Stars
Dallas Starlight
Social Work Superstars
UHC Dolls
Must Have Caffeine
Team United 2
Team United 3
Team United 4
Team United 5
Team United 6
Team United 7
Team United 8
Team United 9
Team United 10
Team United 11
Team United 12
Team United 13
Team United 14
Team United 15
Team United 17
Team United 18
Team United 19
Team United 20
Team United 22

Upcoming Prizes!

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Requirements to Qualify Type of Prize
Register for Team Up To Serve Team Up to Serve t-shirts
15 Hours by August 25 Autographed Cowboys Footballs
30 Hours by September 30 Monster Jam Tickets on Oct. 15

Region Rivalry!

The Team Up to Serve program in Dallas, New England, and Minnesota are in a season-long competition to see which region completes the most volunteer hours! The region who accomplishes the most hours by the end of the season will receive a prize.

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Region Hours
Dallas 40
New England 198
Minnesota 663

Community Service

Log Your Entries

Submit your Hours

Service hours only accepted from 8/2/2022 – 2/13/2022

All volunteer hours must be submitted within one month of service for hours to count for the program. Hours submitted after 2/13/2022 will not be counted toward Team Up to Serve.

Volunteer of the Month

Each month this season, we will feature a Team Up to Serve member of your choosing who demonstrates our values within the Dallas Community. We encourage you to nominate yourself, a team member, or fellow Team Up to Serve member below.

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Volunteers of the Month

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Preferred Individual Service Opportunities

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