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#AskTheBoys: Where'd The Depth Go?

It's only Week 2, but David Helman is already trying to help the Cowboys Cope with a rash of injuries across the depth chart.A


#AskTheBoys: Guess Who's Back

With the arrival of the NFL season, David Helman is here to answer your questions, from how the Cowboys will use Tyrone Crawford to NFL bubbles and more.

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AskTheBoys: New Cowboy at the Reins

David Helman breaks down how different this Cowboys off-season might be with Mike McCarthy as the coach.

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#AskTheBoys: Loss, Actually

Despite a three-game losing streak, David Helman has an uplifting holiday message for Cowboys fans everywhere.

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#AskTheBoys: Moving On To Week 12

With the New England Patriots on deck, David Helman is trying to get his mind right for a big-time matchup.

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#AskTheBoys: Stop Lion

David Helman shares some thoughts on how the Cowboys can improve following another disappointing weekend.

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#AskTheBoys: What Comes Next

With eight games in the books, David tries to look at the big picture.

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#AskTheBoys: Can We Play A Game Already

The bye week was fun, but with two weeks off between games, David Helman is going a little stir crazy waiting for the Cowboys to play again.

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#AskTheBoys: Midseason Mysteries

The Cowboys have reached their bye week, and there's still a lot of confusion about who exactly they are. Luckily, there's one man who can crack the case.

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#AskTheBoys: Lightning Round

With so many problems facing this Cowboys team, David Helman tries to tackle as many questions as possible on this week's Ask The Boys.

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#AskTheBoys: Let's Try This Again

After a second consecutive loss, David Helman and his reliable viewers try to figure out how the Cowboys can get back on track.

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#AskTheBoys: Learning From Losses

Best-selling author Dave Helman checks in with Cowboys Nation for some timely advice following the first loss of the season.

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#AskTheBoys: Ice Breaks For A Road Trip

With the Cowboys heading down to New Orleans for Week 4, David Helman tackles the big issues, like road trip etiquette and Twitter tomfoolery.

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#AskTheBoys: Uni Watching In Week 3

Heading into Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins, David Helman breaks down the Cowboys' uniform options, and other notes.

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#AskTheBoys: Are You Worried About The Defense?

Following Sunday's win against the Giants, it seems some fans have concerns about the defense. David Helman explains why he doesn't.

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#AskTheBoys: No Contracts Are Discussed

Heading into the Cowboys' season opener, David Helman does his best to address a variety of on-field concerns against the New York Giants.

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#AskTheBoys: Don't Forget About Byron

David Helman answers fans questions about the Byron Jones contract situation and who has the best nickname on the team.


 #AskTheBoys: Packing up for Camp

David Helman answers fans questions about the best spots to see the most action at training camp, what will Trysten Hill's role be, and will Witten become the new all time TD reception leader for the Cowboys?

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#AskTheBoys: Could LVE Be An MVP?

David Helman answers fans questions about Leighton Vander Esch's chances to be the defensive MVP, expectations for WR Cedrick Wilson Jr, and whether we can expect any trades before training camp in #AskTheBoys presented by Ricos Products.

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#AskTheBoys: On To The Next Step

David Helman answers fans questions about who could be this year's Antwaun Woods and what was the most "Florida Man" type of story he has ever covered in #AskTheBoys presented by Ricos Products.