Hangin' With The Boys

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Hangin' with the Boys: Blitz? Better Get Home

The boys celebrate Memorial Day with a heavy focus on defense. Can Aldon Smith make a difference? Are they going to be okay at right defensive end? And what has to happen for them to blitz more this season? Plus more Dak rumors.


Hangin' with the Boys: You Ain't That Cute

Jesse shares his conversation with Mike McCarthy and the rookies. Plus, the boys also talk about missing OTAs (hurts the O-Line the most) and changes with Awuzie (why?) and the linebackers (still about fundamentals!).


Hangin' with the Boys: 53 Brands?

The boys are back to discuss the schedule, Dak's contract status, D-Law's comments about the team last year and the new coaches taking charge. Plus, Nate and Jesse talk about playing on the road.


Hangin' with the Boys: Power Move

Was the signing of Andy Dalton to gain leverage in the negotiations with Dak? Or was it simply insurance? The boys discuss quarterbacks, the need for an attacking defense, No. 88 and more!


Hangin' with the Boys: This Lamb's Got Chops

Excitement is running high as this offense just went from "dynamite to nitro glycerin" with the team's first-round pick of CeeDee Lamb. The boys break down a draft that has us ready for some football!


Draft Recap: Joining Forces

Hosts from three different podcasts joined up Friday to discuss the first round and what happens Friday night for the Cowboys.


Hangin' with the Boys: No Group Think Here

With the draft just days away, what should the Cowboys do? Cornerback, safety, rusher? (defense, please) Trade up? (no thanks) Trade down? (we're listening). Plus, Dak, McCoy and more!


Hangin' with the Boys: Ravish The Draft

That is, ravish it with defensive players. The boys talk about the 17th pick, making an impact on Day 3 and focusing on the back end. Also, whether he likes it or not, Dak has a different set of rules as the Cowboys QB.


Hangin' with the Boys: Would You Stay Or Go?

Are players leaving because they think they can win a title somewhere else? The boys talk offseason moves, the new defensive tackles' impact on Trysten Hill, Dak's contract and more!


Hangin' with the Boys: Fitting the Puzzle Pieces

We may be working from home, but there's just too much to discuss! The boys get together remotely to talk about Travis Frederick, free agent signings, the team's direction and what the Cowboys still need.


Hangin' with the Boys: The Most Important Piece

What's it going to take to get Dak signed? Is the number of years the sticking point? And is everything else on hold until he does? The boys also talk Amari, the CBA vote and more!


Hangin' with the Boys: Get With It Or Get Gone

Is Byron Jones leaving? And will the team regret it if he is? The answer here is yes. The boys talk speed, fitting guys into McCarthy's scheme and more. Plus, the art of speech with Nate!


Hangin' with the Boys: Pulling No Punches

The offseason is in full swing! The boys talk scouting combine and the CBA negotiations (from a player's point of view). Plus, there's boxing, chasing Tua and meeting heroes like Ali, Jordan and Tiger.


Hangin' with the Boys: It's Not Marine Biology

Should we bring back Jason Witten or is it time to move on? And can this new coaching staff have better luck developing players, especially on defense? All that, plus we check in with Mama Gross.


Hangin' with the Boys: How Do We Grow?

The band is back together again! The boys talk Dak Prescott, Dez Bryant and Sean Lee. Should the team bring them back? Will those moves make them better? (Hint: Yes, no and …)


Hangin' with the Boys: Super And Not So Super

After a lost season, just how far away are the Cowboys from those teams in the Super Bowl? Farther than we'd like, that's for sure. The boys are back to talk the big game, Dak's contract and our new coach's impact.


Hangin' with the Boys: Mexico, Mobile & McCarthy

The boys share tales of their week off, which involved trips to the beach and the Senior Bowl, before discussing the new coaching staff and the exciting mix of talent it now has.


Hangin' with the Boys: Trying Something New

The boys debut a few Twitter questions and introduce the team archivist, Jonathan Thorn. Plus, Nate shares his thoughts on his former coach Jimmy Johnson getting elected to the HOF, and we talk having confidence in the playoffs.


Hangin' with the Boys: We Like Mike

Ahead of the Cowboys' announcement that Mike McCarthy will be the team's new head coach, the boys discuss what went into the hiring and what the first order of business will be. (Hint: Call No. 4)


Hangin' with the Talkin' Cowboys Break: Still Waiting

Shannon, Nate, David and Rob discuss the state of the Cowboys as 2020 begins: the questions about head coach Jason Garrett's future, the top roster priority this offseason, and more.