Hangin' With The Boys

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Hangin' with the Boys: Can We Vent?

Some guys love the game of football. Others love what the game gives them. Does this team need more of the former and less of the latter? The boys talk about that disappointing effort in New York, playing smart, the 30-point threshold and more!


Hangin' with the Boys: Are They Good?

This team has been beating who they're supposed to and have the offensive firepower to potentially be great. So are they now better than average? It's a debate for the boys as they discuss what should be a tough game against the Giants. Happy New Year!


Hangin' with the Boys: When Legends Are Made

This is a big one, folks. But Dallas just beat three teams running a 4-3 defense. Will they have trouble attacking New York's 3-4 scheme? The boys break down what the offense needs to do to get this win. Plus, Jesse gives us his, um, secret to scoring in the red zone.


Hangin' with the Boys: Play-Caller Calling Plays

How does Kellen Moore's situation affect the team now and in the future? Will McCarthy run the offense? Plus, is it a good thing if the Cowboys win out, yet don't make the postseason? (Hint: not to two former players.)


Hangin' with the Boys: Football Is Fluid

A few weeks ago we were all ready to run Mike Nolan out of town. With the way the defense has played of late, what about now? Should he be brought back? Plus, it looks like Dalton and his receivers have found their groove. We break it down on Victory Monday!


Holiday Special: Understanding Their Roles

Mickey Spagnola, Isaiah Stanback, Hekma Harrison and Newy Scruggs come together for a holiday special podcast to break down the latest Dallas Cowboys news and make their predictions for #PHIvsDAL and more.


Holiday Special: Ready to Rock & Roll?

Nate Newton, Jessie Holley, Barry Church and Kyle Youmans come together for a holiday special podcast to break down the latest Dallas Cowboys news and make their predictions for #PHIvsDAL and more.


Hangin' with the Boys: Holly-luiah!

The boys are in a festive mood as they discuss Kellen Moore's future, what the owner said and if they need to get Amari more involved to beat Philly. Plus, should single-man Jesse be offering up some head-of-the-household marital advice? Yeah, right.


Hangin' with the Boys: The Gleam Is Gone!

First they get flexed out of the Sunday night game, now no Pro Bowlers. What's going on here? Plus, the boys talk special teams, the running back scene, Jourdan Lewis and Nate shares some memories.


Hangin' with the Boys: Feeling Good!

Sure, the chances of this team making the playoffs is slim, but winning is fun! The boys talk about momentum, this sudden wave of turnovers, play-calling and Lamb's onside kick decision. Plus, there's not a curse is there?


Hangin' with the Boys: Michael Gallup Interview!

Unsung receiver Michael Gallup joins the show for an exclusive interview. The boys also discuss if Jaylon really didn't know the game got moved (and does it matter?), plus Nate and Jesse share memories of the Cowboys-49ers former rivalry.


Hangin' with the Boys: Helping Hands

Darren Woodson had some things to say about this defense. Kyle Shanahan had some things to say about this defense. The boys get into the scheme vs. players on that side of the ball as they look ahead to the team's matchup against the 49ers.


Hangin' with the Boys: Skateboards & Grease Fires

Are coaching changes coming? The boys discuss what may lie ahead for McCarthy's staff and how important back-to-back wins would be for this team. Plus, they break down what the Dallas offense is facing against a tough San Francisco defense.


Hangin' with the Boys: They Come In Bunches

After seeing last night's thriller, the boys take a look at how far away the Cowboys might be from contending. And just where are all these turnovers coming from? Plus, we talk running backs and the team's red zone offense.


Hangin' with the Boys: Victory Tastes Sweet

Was it against a bad team? Who cares? The boys talk about the defense's effort, Dalton's day, the running back by committee approach and more as they break down a much-needed Cowboys win.


Hangin' with the Boys: Vander Esch Interview

We're Winging It today with an exclusive interview with Leighton Vander Esch. He talks about the challenges of playing linebacker, growing up in a basketball household with three sisters, Boise State and more. Plus, are we now discussing effort?


Hangin' with the Boys: Ghosts From The Past

What do players think when former greats like Aikman and Ware criticize? Does anyone listen? Plus, the boys talk about the mindset of facing a fellow bad team, Dalton returning to Cincy and Pollard possibly stepping in for an injured Zeke.


Hangin' with the Boys: Time For Something New?

You knew what they were going to do, yet the same old mistakes by the Dallas defense lead to the Ravens running wild. Is it the coaching? Is it the players? Yes and yes. The boys break down the details after another disappointing loss.


Hangin' with the Boys: No Dancing & Prancing

Andy Dalton will have to get rid of the ball quick and, as Nate says, "The logs will have to roll" on defense if the Cowboys are going to win on Tuesday night. The boys break down the team's upcoming matchup against the Ravens.


Hangin' with the Boys: Feeling Defensive

Did the Cowboys gain anything from watching that Ravens game yesterday? The boys discuss what's ahead for the team's defense, what's happened to Aldon Smith, whether Trevon Diggs should try to come back this year and more.