Hangin' With The Boys

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Hangin' with the Boys: Rebuilding Chose Us

Moves are being made. What's the focus now? Develop young guys? Yes. Change the culture? Yes. Win games? Yes. The boys look at the big picture ahead, plus break down the Cowboys offensive matchup against Philly's defense.


Hangin' with the Boys: Why Wait?

If the season is headed downhill, if a new culture is needed, if there is rebuilding to be done, why wait until the offseason to make changes? The boys discuss whether or not moves need to be made now.


Hangin' with the Boys: Like An Old Carburetor

Are the Cowboys going to drive this car until they have to make changes? Or is it time to change the parts now? The boys break down the loss at Washington and discuss what can be done with a team that continues to struggle.


Hangin' with the Boys: There's Hope, But …

Just how big is this game? The boys run down what has to happen for Dallas to defeat Washington (hint: It's a lot) and what could happen if they don't. Plus, Nate shares a story about how Jimmy Johnson started the culture change back in 1989.


Hangin' with the Boys: Under The Spotlight

The boys talk about Sean Lee's comments and being under the media's glare here in Dallas. Plus, who has the best weapons to finish the job? Washington's defense or the Cowboys offense? And can a struggling Cowboys defense finally stop someone?


Hangin' with the Boys: Let Jesse Cook!

Bill Parcells said, "Losers assemble in little groups and complain. … Winners assemble as a team." Is that what we're seeing now? The boys unleash on those anonymous comments. Plus, about that Washington defensive line. Oh, boy …


Hangin' with the Boys: Culture Clash

Is this a problem with the coaches? Or the players? Whatever is going on, it ain't pretty. From the turnovers to the poor defensive play, the boys break down the embarrassing loss to Arizona.


Hangin' with the Boys: Monday Night Memories

Nate and Jesse talk about what it was like to play in prime-time on Monday nights. Plus, the boys discuss Stephen Jones' comments on the defense, answer some fan Twitter and make their picks.


Hangin' with the Boys: Containment Needed

Is Kyler Murray more dangerous running the ball or passing? Yes. The boys break down how the Dallas defense can stop the Cardinals quarterback and, oh yeah, maybe the best receiver in the game.


Hangin' with the Boys: Do It For Yourself

Will the players rally for Dak? The reality is it's time to move forward. In Dalton we trust. The boys break down the Cowboys offense and what they'll need to do against the Cardinals defense. (Hint: Keep passing).


Hangin' with the Boys: Vroom!

Things could be tweaked with Andy Dalton behind center now, but the boys say they still need to let the offense rev! Should they also make a trade to help the defense? Play the youngsters? Plus, your Twitter questions answered.


Hangin' with the Boys: Have To Move Forward

Was the Cowboys defense better? Or were they just lucky to face the Giants? The boys dig into yesterday's win, plus they discuss the loss of Dak and what lies ahead with Dalton now behind center.


Hangin' with the Boys: Is This Bad?

How will the Cowboys get along with Tyron Smith now out for the season? What adjustments need to be made? Is this going to affect Dak both now and with a possible rebuild in the future? Plus, Nice/Not Nice and our picks.


Hangin' with the Boys: Bare Minimum Is Bad

How wrong is it that we're left to reason WHAT IF the offense don't turn it over, WHAT IF special teams plays heads up, WHAT IF the defense has want-to? Wood's comments has the boys fired up and questioning the effort of this Cowboys team.


Hangin' with the Boys: Positive Wednesday

It's time to turn the page on last week's loss to the Browns, as Jason Garrett and the 0-4 New York Giants prepare to visit AT&T Stadium Sunday. The boys debate, is this a get-right game and for who?


Hangin' with the Boys: Enough Talk

All these words about effort and being soft are just that, words. The boys discuss the locker room culture, expectations, leadership and how it's just time to get out there and play. But will even that make a difference?


Hangin' with the Boys: Can Coaching Fix It?

Jesse breaks down the last interception in detail, as the boys discuss whether Dak is pressing, trying to do too much. Plus, they try to make sense of why this Dallas defense is so bad and whether the coaches can really bring change.


Hangin' with the Boys: A Buffet of Film

The video is available, but are today's players utilizing it? The boys talk about preparing for opponents, could the Browns really be better and the impact of injuries on both sides. Plus, a game of Nice/Not Nice and our picks!


Hangin' with the Boys: Who's Gonna Drop 'Em?

This team better be ready for a physical, black and blue game against the Browns' two-headed running attack. Can a unit that has struggled get it done? The boys break down the Dallas defense against Cleveland's offense.


Hangin' with the Boys: Starting Drive Blues

The Cowboys are among the worst in the NFL in starting field position making their job that much tougher. The boys discuss that, plus break down a Browns defense that features another strong defensive line. Here we go again!