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3 Things CeeDee Sees Differently Since The Draft


Before being drafted by the Cowboys, CeeDee Lamb admits there were some things he didn't quite appreciate.

Better yet, maybe he just didn't quite understand.

After all, growing up outside of Houston and then playing at the University of Oklahoma, Lamb wasn't fully exposed to Cowboys Nation.

But he is now. Drafted No. 17 overall last month, Lamb said he has a much better grasp of what it means to play for the Cowboys. And he just can't wait to get started.

"I took it granted before, being drafted, just America's Team and how it stands around the universe," Lamb said on Friday on a virtual interview with "People all over the country … there's Cowboys fans. I didn't really know - it didn't hit me until after I got drafted. There are fans all over the place. I love it. Everything is bigger than me. It's about the people."

Another tradition Lamb didn't quite understand at first was the significance of wearing No. 88, especially as a wide receiver.

Drew Pearson. Michael Irvin. Dez Bryant and now … CeeDee Lamb.

He gets it now, but it took a little convincing for the rookie, who admittedly wanted to wear No. 10.

"It's definitely one of those situations where the opportunity was bigger than my preference," said Lamb, who wore No. 2 in college. "I got the opportunity to wear the great number of 88. Obviously, my preference was to wear 10, but that wasn't really my future. I feel like 88 would withstand a longer platform. I'm trying to continue a legacy that started with Pearson, Irvin and Dez. And now I have that tradition. It's a huge honor on my end. For them to have trust in me that I'm going to be the next guy, it's a blessing."

And there's another number that Lamb hasn't forgotten. Considered by many as a Top 10 pick, Lamb fell to No. 17, right into the Cowboys' lap.

While there might have been initial frustration, Lamb sounds rather comfortable with how things worked out.

"Money is money. It's what makes the world goes around," Lamb said. "But to be in the best position to be successful … I feel like the Cowboys was the best place for me and my future. Playing for America's Team. This could be the most dominant offense the next couple of years. We're just trying to build on that and still be in a position to win the Super Bowl. Adding more horsepower, adding more players, we can definitely make a run for it."