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Zeke: Time Of Possession "Starts With Me"

With Russell Wilson off to a fast start this season, the Cowboys must keep the ball out of his hands. Ezekiel Elliott says winning time of possession is vital and to do that, he’ll need to be fed early and often.  
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Game Recap: Cowboys Complete Comeback, 40-39

The Cowboys overcome a horrible first quarter to pull out a thrilling last-second victory over the Falcons, 40-39.
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Mailbag: Advantages/Disadvantages vs. Atlanta?

What is one advantage you see the Cowboys have over Atlanta, and what is one disadvantage you see Atlanta have over the Cowboys? 
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Mailbag: How Did The Rookies Look In Week 1?

Just wanted your guys thoughts on the young guys, in particular Terence Steele, CeeDee Lamb and Trevon Diggs. 
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