A Stiffer Test For Murray This Weekend

After DeMarco Murray's 253-yard day two weeks ago, it was important to point out that it was the Rams, dude. St. Louis was right at the bottom of the league in terms of stopping the run.

Last week, Murray didn't have nearly as many opportunities, but still made the most of them. He picked up 74 yards on eight carries to up his season average to 6.9 yards per carry. The Cowboys' game plan, which got away from them so quickly, was to beat Philadelphia on the ground. The Eagles aren't a great team against the run, either, ranking 28th in yards-per-carry against.

If Murray's splash is more than a case of going against bad defenses, it'll be evident this week. The Seahawks are the league's best team in terms per-play rush defense, giving up an average of just 3.16 yards each rush.

To Murray, it doesn't matter who's on the other side, as long as things are going well.

"At the end of the day, this is the NFL," Murray said. "This is the best of the best players, and it's competition every weekend. It doesn't matter what their ranking is, they're going to play their hardest versus the Cowboys, regardless. I'm definitely prepared to go in there and play hard. Our offensive line did a great job the past couple weeks of blocking hard and playing hard, and the Seahawks are a great team, so we'll see how it goes."

It might be unnecessary flattery to call 2-5 Seattle a great team, but they are very good against the run, and Murray can see why.

"They're physical," Murray said. "They're physical and strong. Those guys can move very well. They're all athletic."

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