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highly-respected replacement for Joe Juraszek, Woicik's original successor in 1997 who took a medical leave of absence last season, his 14th in Dallas. 

Garrett has stressed the importance of playing physical football, particularly up front, and it starts in the offseason program. Although the normal structure could be impeded by a potential league lockout, Woicik is exactly the kind of stringent instructor to carry on what Juraszek fostered. 

Now to be clear, this isn't to say the departing staff members or the incumbent assistants lack these qualities. Special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, for example, is in the same mold; he demands perfection, and would make a fine head coach somewhere. 

But Garrett has also put his imprint on the staff. He has added more experience, some fresh ideas and some new voices that are probably needed after an utterly disappointing 6-10 season. 

Will this staff get the players back to contention for a full 16 games? We'll see. But from listening to them and others, it's easy to see why the head coach made his choices. There's a little Jason Garrett in all of them.   

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