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All's Well That Ends Well

you? Although, a hefty raise has a way of re-energizing your jets. 

Ah, but if you have maybe those Detroit Lions showing interest in you, or possibly the New York Jets, who are about to trade Herm Edwards to Kansas City, possibly making some overtures behind the scenes, or if the folks around ESPN sense you might be ready to return, well then, you strengthen your bargaining position. 

So next time something like this comes up, instead of allowing instant hysteria to permeate your scene, just listen. Think about what you heard. And in this case, the magic words were "we haven't talked out it" when the subject of an extension was brought up to Parcells that day after Christmas when he vehemently denied reports he was stepping down. 

But, here is the good thing: No matter how Jones and Parcells got to this point by late Friday afternoon, this is for the good of the Dallas Cowboys. Understand, Jones is a slick businessman himself, so he understands these kinds of things. 

And most importantly, sources told me Jones wanted Parcells back. He just didn't want to negotiate what is being termed a new two-year contract in the media. Because Jones knows from negotiating player contracts, sometimes you have to sign the check your mouth wrote. 

Plus, you know what, it seemed apparent Parcells wanted back, too. He has been working here all week, not only wrapping up the 2005 season and player evaluations, but also making plans for 2006. And he really didn't want to leave on the sour note of Rams 20, Cowboys 10, coming up one victory from another 10-win season. 

His job wasn't completed. The Cowboys are on a better foundation, but not his goal of a solid foundation for the future. 

Crisis averted. Parcells got what he wanted. Jones got what he wanted. And now they will sit back to see if they must replace either or both of their coordinators, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer being courted by the St. Louis Rams and assistant head coach/pass coordinator Sean Payton being interviewed by the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints. 

So come Monday, business as usual out here at The Ranch. Or maybe, that's what it's been all along.                   

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