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An Unlikely Pick For The Biggest Bargain To The Cowboys' Cap

It wasn't too long ago we were looking back on the contract the Cowboys handed out to Miles Austin with a proverbial SMH. Considering the fact his deal was the reason the Cowboys lost an extra $5 million against the cap this year and next, it seems tough to feel good about that one.

Not everybody is holding that against Austin, however. Over at, the aircraft carrier to our patrol boat, they're taking a daily look at each team's salary cap situation, and have declared Austin the Cowboys' biggest bargain. Here's how they're selling it:

"Though his front-loaded contract extension from 2010 is believed to be the reason the Cowboys were docked $10 million in cap penalties over the next two seasons, it's pretty clear that Miles Austin is the best bargain on the Cowboys' roster. With 14 receptions for 233 yards and four touchdowns in the first eight quarters of the season, Austin was well on his way toward a monster year before hamstring injuries limited him to 10 games on the season. Overall, Austin produced 43 receptions for 579 yards and seven touchdowns.

*Healthy heading into 2012, Austin is set to earn just $1.15 million in base salary with a $2.721 million cap figure this season."

*The league site also names defensive end Kenyon Coleman as a potential salary cap casualty - no big shock there - and says running back Felix Jones and cornerback Mike Jenkins will be looking for work elsewhere in 2013.

Maybe the Cowboys could afford to keep some of those veterans around if Austin's contract weren't such a steal.

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