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Anything's Possible

!The Cowboys beat the Saints in December, ending their perfect 13-0 record.

think again. There's always been a unique connection between team and city, more so now than ever. 

We saw a small part of that on Sunday. From a football perspective, it's what the NFL is all about. 

The Saints are establishing a new, more providential history. They've got one Lombardi Trophy. The Cowboys already have five - and therein lies the message: there's a lot to be thankful for, then and now, if you pull for silver and blue. 

These two teams likely will be the NFC's preseason favorites in 2010, and the Cowboys have proven they can beat the Super Bowl champs. Will it happen? Who knows. Expected the unexpected in this league. 

But if New Orleans can hold a football-related parade in early February, anything is possible.   

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