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Assistant Head Coach Leaves The Hospital

SAN ANTONIO - Assistant head coach and wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson, who was injured in a sideline collision near the start of Saturday's full-pads practice, has left the hospital.

Robinson, 58, was struck by Teddy Williams while the young wide receiver worked as a gunner in a punt return drill. He was knocked unconscious for roughly a minute when his head hit the turf. Team athletic trainers immobilized him, placed him on a stretcher and he was taken to a local hospital for a series tests.

By the end of the afternoon session, he had been released.

"His CTC scan was good, which was probably as concerning as anything. He was knocked cold," Jerry Jones said. "His neck and X-rays and all the tests that told his structure was good, so we're real relieved ... our prayers are answered."

There was no information when Robinson could return to work. Offensive assistant Keith O'Quinn tended to the wide receivers in his stead.

"I was helping with a drill on the other side (of the field) and I just saw a big collision," O'Quinn said. "I didn't know who it was, so came over to check on him and I see that it was Jimmy Robinson. From that point you start trying to gather your thoughts and get your plan together and just follow the practice plan that we have in place."

O'Quinn said he thought the wide receivers were able to keep their focus on practice despite losing their coach for the session.

"First was concern for him and then I started thinking, 'OK, we've got to go practice here in a minute,'" O'Quinn said.

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