Back & Forth: No Changes At QB Position So Far


FRISCO, Texas - With about a month into free agency, yet still more than two weeks before the draft, this is time where NFL teams usually hit the pause button for a moment.

Of course, the door isn't closed to add veterans and the draft process is well underway with meetings, interviews and we've even seen some league-wide trades to move around in the draft.

But for the most part, the dust has settled for now, knowing it will pick up significantly on April 28, the start of the draft.

So let's look back at each position, with a free-agent recap, and look ahead to see if there's more left to do.

Today, we'll continue with the quarterback position.

What Happened:

  • The biggest thing that occurred regarding the quarterbacks sounded like a bigger deal than it probably was. Dak Prescott did undergo surgery on his left shoulder back in late February. He is not expected to miss much of the offseason conditioning program and OTA/minicamp practices. But the words "Dak" and "surgery" in the same sentence is enough to grab some headlines.
  • The Cowboys had some interest in adding a veteran quarterback in free agency, but not to the point of spending much. It could be a situation where the Cowboys wait until after the draft to bolster that position. 

What's Next:

Other than the aforementioned interest in signing a veteran, similar to what they did two years ago in adding Andy Dalton, the Cowboys probably won't do much at this position.

Dak Prescott should be fine to participate in the majority of offseason work and for now, Cooper Rush is probably adequate at the backup spot, especially after his big win against Minnesota last season with Dak out with a calf injury.

Behind that, Will Grier and Ben DiNucci are still on the roster, both likely vying to compete with Rush for the backup spot.

Feeling A Draft?

You can never rule this out, especially with McCarthy in the War Room. Whether he fully subscribes to this theory or not, he was on the Green Bay staffs that would try to draft a quarterback nearly every year and that was with future Hall of Famers already on the roster.

The thought of taking and developing young quarterbacks is not a new plan – just not something the Cowboys have done often.

But if a player with a good grade has fallen in the draft, the Cowboys might entertain the thought of taking a quarterback, perhaps with one of the four fifth-round picks.

And if history means anything, Troy Aikman, Tony Romo and Dak Prescott all saw the Cowboys draft quarterbacks in the fourth or fifth round, even when those three were clearly established as the starting quarterbacks of the franchise.

The Cowboys took Bill Musgrave in the fourth round of 1991 – after Aikman's third season. In 2009, Romo had been the full-time starter for over three years but the Cowboys drafted Stephen McGee in the fourth round. And in 2018, Dak Prescott had three years under his belt when the Cowboys took Mike White in the fifth round.

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