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Back To Business?

!Both Marion Barber and Felix Jones turned in their best performances of the season last Saturday.

any kind of inconsistencies there. 

What makes you cringe is watching his touchdown run. I mean, seriously, there's not a Cowboys fan out there - not one of them - that doesn't want THAT guy on the team next year. 

No, I'm not talking about the Barber we've seen most of the season, and even for the better part of the last two years. I'm talking about that guy who made that cut and that touchdown run - there's a place for him on this team, or any team for that matter.  

Trust me, I'm not saying the Cowboys can keep Barber next year because he made a 24-yard touchdown run against the Cardinals and their 31st-ranked defense. My point is that if you can get that player back, and playing like that, then there is certainly a role for him.  

And maybe it's back to the role he once starred in. The role of change-up back and a closer at the end. When Barber was the knockout guy, he was a Pro Bowler.  

Who knows if he's still got that left in him? But I think I'd be a little uneasy letting him go.  

Now let's go back to Jones here. I watched the game for a second time on TV and I was even more convinced with my initial thoughts that Felix had his best game as a real running back.  

He wasn't leaving anything on the field. If he was hit at the line of scrimmage, he got two yards. If Felix was in the flat for a swing pass, he finally made a guy miss to pick up the first down.  

Around the corner for 12. Up the middle for six. Even despite his longest rush being just 14 yards, I kept thinking how impressed I was with Jones' performance.  

Maybe because we all view him as just a home-run hitter, or a change-of-pace back, but Jones showed more of an all-around game last Saturday than I've seen before. 

Now that doesn't mean you give him 25 carries a game. He's probably good with about 15 or so. If you can somehow get that next guy - whether it's Barber or Tashard Choice - about seven to 10 then you might be in business. 

And that brings us to Choice. The Cowboys will have to make a call here in the offseason. Smart money says they will go with the younger back, meaning they release Barber and his contract and make Choice the No. 2 back.  

That would probably mean the Cowboys would need to add a third back - maybe even someone with a little size - but also someone who can play special teams.  

That's probably the best option for a Cowboys team that Jerry Jones says could have more than a third of the roster changed next year.  

But if that was Barber's last real hurrah for the Cowboys, he certainly helped his cause in finding a new team, or living room, next year.        

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