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off from his workout routine following the second eye surgery in May, Canty has resumed his strength work. And reports from the eye doctor say his vision is strengthening just the way they had hoped. Now Canty won't be ready for the start of training camp. And Jones can see him missing that entire first week of training camp. But circle Aug. 8. 

On any other injuries: Jones said Canty should be the only player not in pads when training camp practice begins July 30. Rogers is ready. So is Tyson Walter, who missed the mini-camp still recovering from wrist surgery. No problems with Rivera and his back. He's ready after back surgery. While Quincy Morgan tweaked his shoulder during the closed on-field training sessions, Jones said he will be ready for the start of camp. And so will Terrance Copper, who strained a hamstring during the mini-camp. Just one of 84 missing? That's got to be some kind of record. 

On signing players: Two down and six to go. Safety Justin Beriault and defensive lineman Jay Ratliff have agreed to terms. Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones says they are close to agreeing with a third player, probably their second sixth-round pick Rob Petitti, and that they are working hard on two others. "But we haven't started on the first two," he said, referring to first-round picks Demarcus Ware and Marcus Spears. "I've visited (with their agents), but we'll probably not start meaningful discussions until the next couple of days." Because of the collective bargaining agreement expiring after the 2007 season and teams allowed to sign players for no more than two years beyond the final year of the CBA, first-round picks can not be signed for more than five years this year, meaning a shorter time to amortize those growing signing bonuses for salary cap purposes. "It's not ideal," Stephen Jones said, "but we should be able to work them out." 

On free safety: Now this might shock you, but Jerry Jones termed the position this off-season as "the least of our priorities." How 'bout them bananas? He said he's comfortable enough knowing Izell Reese has started at the position in the league, and that he runs well and covers well, and "can tackle. That gives me a good feeling over there." But do not discount Keith Davis. 

On adding veterans: Nope, not right now. Both Jerry and Stephen said they have no intention to add any veteran free agent before the start of training camp, and would just wait to see how things shook out. Stephen Jones did leave the door open a crack, saying you never know what might happen or who might come calling, but as for the Cowboys, he said they were not pursuing anyone. So I'm assuming that includes Ty Law, Lance Schulters, Damien Robinson, Rod Gardner if he indeed gets released or anyone else you guys want to play fantasy football with. By the way, did you see Miami passed on signing Schulters. Evidently the veteran safety wanted more (money), and even though he had passed his physical, the Dolphins still were leery of that rehabbed foot. 

On future ROH inductions: So many seemed concerned the inductions of "The Triplets" shuts out players from past eras. No so the owner said over and over. "The Ring of Honor is not about some chronological order," Jerry Jones said. Let it be noted somewhat older players such as Rayfield Wright and Cliff Harris were inducted last year, 10 years following Randy White and Tony Dorsett. And Bob Hayes was older than them all, and his didn't occur until 2001. 

On ROH inductions to help with Hall of Fame inclusion: Now there was some consideration of that concerning Irvin, who just missed being selected in February as a first-ballot member. But not overriding, Jones said. "These guys don't need the Ring of Honor to get in the Hall of Fame," Jones said - just as Randy White and Tony Dorsett didn't need entry into the Cowboys' exclusive club back in 1994 to reach the Hall of Fame, which they reached some nine months earlier than the Ring. Jones said this decision was made for what these three players would do for the Ring of Honor, "and not for what the Ring of Honor can do for them." 

On Norv Turner: Again, the Cowboys former offensive coordinator and current head coach of the Oakland Raiders was prominently

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