Be Careful With Prime Association

Sanders became Prime Time.  

And that kind of impact is exactly what the Cowboys can only hope Pacman Jones provides for this team.  

You just got that feeling from the start of this whole thing. Sure, the guy is considered to be a pretty good cornerback, but he's proven to be an exceptional punt returner.  

That's a little different from Deion, who was great at both.  

And when Sanders played receiver extensively in 1996, when he started 11 games, he was a good receiver, maybe even closer to average. But he always had a great speed, and that is scary enough for most defensive players.  

And that leads us to issue of Pacman Jones playing a little on offense. Can't say I heard Jerry Jones' comment on the subject this week in Arlington, but it sounds like the owner said he was open to the possibility. And why wouldn't he be? If he's so dangerous with the ball in his hands, then any team would be crazy not to figure out a way to make that happen.  

Same thing in Chicago. If the Bears can't find a way to get Devin Hester on the field more on offense, then someone needs to be fired.  

So I get the idea. But I bet I'm not the only one who just has to ask: 

Can the guy get reinstated first? It's likely that Pacman's latest gambling situation will have an effect that. Once he ever gets cleared by the league, can he knock off the rust of a one-year layoff, please? How about seeing how good of a cornerback he is? Maybe we can see how dangerous of a punt returner first. But man, offense? Seems a little fast to me.  

But then again, this is why Jerry Jones is doing this. This is why he believes Pacman is worth the risk. While he might not be exactly like Deion Sanders, he has that type of ability.  

To make it better (or maybe worse), Pacman is switching from jersey number 32 to No. 21, in honor of Sanders, who has befriended Jones over the last few months.  

So the comparisons are now completely unpreventable. It's a given. The first time the new No. 21 takes a punt return over 30 or 40 yards, or even all the way to the house, he'll be labeled the new Deion.  

Imagine if he threw in a high-step, too.  

Just remember, there's only one Deion. No one will ever be like that.  

But if you can get one, or even two guys in the same ballpark, it should make for some rather prime-time entertainment.                               

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