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Rookie Mini Camp | 2024

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Beebe, Guyton forming friendship on the foundation of starting opportunity


FRISCO, Texas — Rookie minicamp is a foundational piece of every NFL player's young career. Diving into the playbook, learning the names of coaches, finding the bathrooms. It all sets the groundwork for the upcoming OTAs, minicamp and training camp before the official beginning on the field.

For first-round pick Tyler Guyton and third-round pick Cooper Beebe, a similar opportunity to potentially start on the offensive line in their first season is present and at the front of mind. Although it's probably too early to pinpoint their placement among the respective position battles that they will have to face, they are both taking the opportunity as seriously as possible in their first week as Dallas Cowboys.

"They've made a huge first impression on everybody," head coach Mike McCarthy said. "And I've talked to everybody. I talk to the people that were picking them up at the airport, the people that dropped them off at the hotel. They're always being evaluated because it's important."

While some major differences do exist, the journeys for Guyton and Beebe have some stark similarities.

Both played in the Big 12. Both were originally recruited to play on the defensive line in college. Both became household names in college football by the end of their careers. Now, both will have the opportunity to start as a rookie in the NFL.

"I've gotten to know Tyler, he's been a Big 12 guy just like me," Beebe said. "I'm really excited. We linked up last year just to get to know each other. He's a heck of a player, smart player, physical guy. I'm excited to play with him."

"It's new for both of us," Guyton said. "We came from the same conference, I already knew who he was. We were already cool before this, but now we're together and pretty tight now. We're going over plays together and doing whatever we can."

Their similar paths have forged an early friendship between the two fresh faces, as they have taken it upon themselves to keep each other sharp on what they each have to do to earn a spot on the field early on.

"Last night, we were doing walkthroughs in the hotel together just to make sure we're on the same page," Beebe said. "I'll quiz him about stuff, he'll quiz me. Just to keep us fresh and to make sure we know our stuff."

The early bond and working relationship between the two has been a big reason why Mike McCarthy said on Friday that this rookie group has been among the most impressive he's had in the building for a rookie minicamp in his career.

"When you see these guys doing the extra work and realizing the importance of the opportunity that they have," McCarthy said. "As I told them in the team meeting, this is a really special, cool time of your life."

For the duo, the expectation falls upon themselves before the coaching staff. That high standard has the two generating a strong early feeling about their future in year one.

"Just coming in and doing the best that we possibly can," Guyton said about his mindset. "That's your trademark, your best. We're just trying to maximize us, play with each other and complement each other's game."

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