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Blame Game

!The Cowboys have a top-10 ranked offense and defense but are 27th in turnovers.

  •   Put some on Jerry Jones, as general manager, for not having enough depth on this team,

especially in a non-salary cap season. The Cowboys have a lot of young players at key backup roles when they could've used more mid-level veteran players to fill key spots, such as nickel linebacker, backup safety and various positions on special teams, such as the place-kicker.  

Heck, I'll take some, too. Put some on me. I'm a member of the media. You guys rely on us to tell it like it is. And before this season, I was with the majority opinion that said this is one of the best teams in the NFL. Well, they're not. I was wrong, like a lot of us were.    

And to be honest, I think that's something that we don't say enough in the media. We build teams up because we THINK they're something more than they are. But when a team falls short of expectations - our own expectations in the first place - then we tear them down and look for reasons or scapegoats.  

We rarely hear the media or even fans say, "Well, I was wrong with my 12-4 and Super Bowl prediction. I guess I don't know how to evaluate a team very well."  

It's something like, *"Well, I had them at 12-4, *

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