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Blind Faith

!Ball started four games last season when Hamlin was out with a high-ankle sprain.

sure I gave one of them.  

Here's Parcells, the guy that everyone assumed was a know-it-all when it comes to this game, putting the franchise tag on Adams, the player half of Dallas wanted to run out of town.  

All Adams did in response was make the Pro Bowl two straight years and five of six, only missing out in 2005 when he suffered a torn ACL six games into the season.  

Why this guy got crucified by the fans and media is mind-boggling to me. Now I understand why Terrell Owens got hammered for dropping passes. A lot of it had to do with him running his mouth and all his antics.  

But why was Flo such an easy target? The guy rarely talked to the media. He never got in trouble, and if you want to talk about his so-called dirty play this past season, it really was just a four-game deal. Adams has never been labeled that way in the past and it really wasn't a problem later in the season.  

Well, I don't think the Cowboys as an organization under-appreciated Adams. Maybe until now.  

Was I the only one who saw the Vikings game last year? Wasn't it going alright until Adams went down with a calf injury. From there, Mr. Mullet went off, but until then, Jared Allen wasn't wrecking on Adams the way he did to Doug Free and Marc Colombo, who had his hands full all day with Ray Edwards.  

To me, this smells a lot like the Greg Ellis situation from a year ago. The Cowboys cut him with the hope that rookies Brandon Williams and Victor Butler could play. Williams got hurt and Butler wasn't ready. Anthony Spencer saved that situation by turning the corner late in the year.  

Miles Austin saved the Terrell Owens situation because he became a star.  

So maybe, just maybe the Cowboys will be right again. Maybe they know Alan Ball and Doug Free and maybe Mike Hamlin are ready to make it big.  

If so, pass the crow over once again, and bring some ketchup.  

But until then, in this small window the Cowboys are currently in to win a Super Bowl, and in a year with no salary cap, give me the best players.  

Maybe I could be convinced there is a better player or better option than Hamlin, although it's tough to see right now, but that clearly isn't the case at left tackle. The Cowboys can't believe they have anything better than Adams right now. All they've got is a hope.  

That's a little scary, especially when that hope is supposed to protect your quarterback.                    

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