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Blocking It Out

has. When that happens, you tend to overlook the obvious.  

But we don't do that with the Chargers. Everyone is all worried about them because they've won seven straight games. That's pretty good, although I'm sure the Cowboys wouldn't mind getting the Raiders and Chiefs twice on their schedule.  

But the Chargers have LaDainian Tomlinson. They have Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers. They have Shawne Merriman and the great Norv Tuner is coaching them. The Chargers have this and that . . .  

OK, enough. Let's not forget this Cowboys team can pretty much match all of that. The quarterbacks are very comparable. The trio of running backs might be a little better in San Diego, but Witten is right there with Gates, just a different type of player. To me, DeMarcus Ware is better than Merriman.  

The Chargers have great players. So do the Cowboys, who are at home, and yes their backs are now against the wall. Maybe now we can see what a desperate team looks like on this end.  

But honestly, I think the Cowboys will win this game. And they're not going to win because they're mad that a TV reporter refused to call them "winners." And they're not going to win because they have this newfound support for Wade Phillips.  

They're going to beat the Chargers because they're simply a good football team, too. Even though sometimes we tend to forget that around here.    

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