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By Time I Get Back . . .

safety in college. More Burnett, please. 

Tackle this: So you have been wanting to know who is playing defensive tackle in the nickel, especially without La'Roi Glover around. Well, with Marcus Spears rehabbing his scope job, working with the first team inside on the nickel have been Jay Ratliff and Chris Canty. Ratliff was only a seventh-round draft choice, and don't know if this is because of the Cowboys offensive line's play, but this guy is showing up, and like Burnett, needs jobs. He has some versatility, lining up at defensive end, tackle in the nickel and even saw him playing some behind Ellis at outside linebacker in the special, over-shift defense. Keep his motor running. 

Pony-Up: Parcells on Wednesday talked about how Ellis must become a "two-trick pony" now that he's playing a little linebacker, meaning not only must he go forward on a pass rush, but also must drop into coverage. You know, the more he plays a little linebacker the better he looks. In fact, on one of the team's change-up defenses and a little on the base, Ellis was seen working with the first team at left outside linebacker instead of Al Singleton and ahead of Bobby Carpenter. By Monday, maybe Ellis will be knocking down passes in coverage. He's leery, but Parcells reminds of how the guy used to also play basketball. Boy, if this works, and teams have to account for a 270-pound outside linebacker with something more than a running back, DeMarcus Ware would have a monster season on the outside. 

Eye-catchers: Maybe by Monday, we'll know if I know what I'm talking about. But here is a list of guys who have caught my eye this first week, other than starters, first-rounders or seasoned vets, and by time I return, there will have been three more practices and a glorified scrimmage I presume: Anthony Fasano, Pat Watkins, Colombo, Cory Procter, D'Anthony Batiste, Sam Hurd, Skyler Green, Demetris Summers and Jason Hatcher. 

Now again, it's early. Been only eight practices at Wednesday's conclusion. So, hard to draw any everlasting conclusions, other than this has been a relatively peaceful camp so far with little controversy or excitement. All of which I'm sure to Parcells and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is just fine. 

And if that's the case, maybe it's about time for a little SkyBar action down on Sunset Strip.                                                                             

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