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Bye Bye Bye

!The secondary was flagged for interference three times on Tennessee's opening drive.

confidence they won't then backslide after stepping back to admire the accomplishment? The work will be far from done then, because this team needs to go a solid 9-3 the rest of the way to have a sure spot in the playoffs. A 10-6 record makes it just about every time, but this team is a long way from 10-6 right now, and I'm feeling the need to Jim Mora myself - PLAYOFFS!? - just for going there. 

At 1-3, we can't bury the Cowboys yet. They'll probably fight their way back to decency. But we can just about ditch the idea that this team might be one of the top two seeds in the conference. That means no home-field advantage throughout, and no bye week. 

Come to think of it, that's probably not such a bad thing. This team definitely doesn't need another weekend off, or any other chance to become too satisfied with itself. 

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