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Coach: No Complaints Working With Jones

Fair or not, every time a coach is considered in the media as a possibility for the Cowboys, they end up being viewed through the lens of "Can he work with Jerry Jones?"

Jones has showed before he could deal with strong personalities, Bill Parcells most prominently in that category, so it's a little unfair to say the Cowboys owner and general manager is always looking for a yes-man.

Regardless, as Jones narrows in on Jason Garrett as his next head coach, it's worth noting that the two go back almost 20 years. Garrett first worked for Jones as a member of the Cowboys' practice squad, then as a player on the 53-man roster, then as an assistant and now as interim head coach. 

Apparently they can get along.

"My relationship with him is good and has been for a number of years," Garrett said. "When you're a player or a coach working for Jerry Jones, you understand his commitment to winning and what he wants to do each and every day to help you achieve that. That's what you appreciate."

Garrett seems to have some convictions, as everyone knows Jones does himself. If Garrett does in fact get the job, Jones owes it to his new coach to listen.

"He's very receptive," Garrett says. "He's a great listener. He certainly has his opinions on things and he has convictions about things, but he wants to hear other people's opinions as well."

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