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Consensus Is, Jerry Jones Can Say Whatever He Wants

If Sunday's glorious press conference didn't prove it, the reaction to Jerry Jones' pep-rally comment promising to "beat the Giants' ass" goes to show that the Cowboys owner can get away with saying whatever he wants.

Trolling for a reaction, the NFL Network's new hangover cure "NFL AM" asked New York quarterback Eli Manning what he thought of that statement.

"In this time, in this day, you can't listen to what every single person says and worry about it," Manning said. "(Jones) is trying to rally his fans. ... We just got to focus on these preseason games."

Asked what he thought of the quote, Jason Garrett was predictably staid as well.

"Jerry Jones owns this football team and he has owned it for 23 years, so he can do anything he wants," Garrett said. "We don't make any guarantees around here. We're going to work hard to put a great football team together. We're in the process of doing that. We just finished day one yesterday and we're getting ready for day two right now."

Even defensive coordinator Rob Ryan stayed above the fray. Never afraid to boast, himself, Ryan promised on Monday not to call out any NFC East rivals this year. But that doesn't mean the owner can't.

"I'd rather it be him than me," Ryan said. "He's the man."

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