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Cowboys Banking On Less Being Much More

injured for all but two games last year, and the argument is talent this year vs. last year, then let's put Sensabaugh and Michael Hamlin up next to Keith Davis and Pat Watkins, who is still here and still battling for the job. 

  With that, one might suggest the Cowboys have upgraded this position, at least potentially.  

  The same should be said about backup quarterback. That is one spot that certainly has been upgraded. Jon Kitna for Brad Johnson is a score for the Cowboys. Too bad, they had to sacrifice a veteran cornerback to do that.  

  I know it's been a few months now, but I still can't get over the Henry trade to Detroit. That doesn't make any sense to me. I've been told to disregard the trade because Henry was going to be cut eventually. OK, so . . . why cut him then? Either way, why get rid of Anthony Henry, especially this long before the start of the season?  

  Henry is in the final year of his deal. He was good enough to start all 16 games at cornerback a year ago. He never makes any waves in the locker room or through the media. His off-the-field life is about as clean as his locker, which had to be the easiest for the equipment staff to clear out since he never kept anything in it.  

  Point is, keeping Anthony Henry wouldn't have stopped any progress with Scandrick or Jenkins. They all play in training camp. Maybe those guys inspire Henry and you get an even better player. If not, then make him a training camp release. But I'm still puzzled about that move.  

  However, the Cowboys are making it loud and clear.  

  No longer is talent enough. The last few years the Cowboys have to tried to "steal" some talent that other teams didn't want to manage. T.O. for one. Also guys like Pacman and Tank Johnson who had all the talent, but either issues from the past or present, or both, made them less desired by other teams. 

  The Cowboys went down that route. Everyone has their own opinions of how it worked out. Pacman didn't, obviously, but it's not like they lost much. Same with Tank Johnson. 

  To me, Terrell Owens did. He came here for three seasons and was one of the most productive receivers in club history. He set records while he was here. As a player, he worked out.  

  But he didn't change. Maybe the Cowboys thought he would, maybe they didn't. T.O. was every bit the player and person he was at his other stops. 

  He definitely has loads of talent, but this year, with this team, talent just isn't enough anymore.        

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