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Cowboys, Oxnard Kick Off Camp With High-Flying Intro


OXNARD,Calif. - The Dallas Cowboys definitely weren't the first team to kick off training camp, but they might have had the most extravagant opening ceremony.

In typical Cowboys' fashion, the ceremony was complete with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, a high school drum line, the mayor of Oxnard and, of course, skydivers parachuting from the sky.

After the thousands in attendance witnessed a performance by the Oxnard High School drum line and the singing of the National Anthem by three Cowboys' cheerleaders, the mayor of Oxnard, Dr. Thomas E. Holden spoke about the start of training camp.

"We're like family now," said Holden speaking about the relationship between the Cowboys and the city of Oxnard. The Cowboys have trained here in Oxnard seven times in the last 11years.

Holden then gave the microphone to Jerry Jones who attempted to speak through the chants of "Jerry" and "Super bowl."

After thanking the city for their hospitality and the fans for their enthusiasm, Jones urged the crowed to, "come to our stadium and watch us beat the New York Giants' asses."

The ceremony finished with a bang as four skydivers jumped from a plane and landed perfectly on the field in front of the cheering crowd. One of the skydivers brought down a football signed by Tony Romo, which was given to Mayor Holden.

After that, the Cowboys began three-hour practice, their first in a 25-day visit here in Oxnard.

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