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Cowboys Patch More Holes On Sunday

**OLB Bobby Carpenter**
  6-3, 255lbs
Ohio St          [internal-link-placeholder-1]   **TE Anthony Fasano**
  6-4, 258
Notre Dame          [internal-link-placeholder-3]   **DE Jason Hatcher**
  6-6, 285
Grambling          [internal-link-placeholder-5]   **WR Skyler ****

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  5-9, 191
LSU          [internal-link-placeholder-0]   **S Pat Watkins**
  6-5, 212
Florida St          [internal-link-placeholder-2]   **DT Montavious Stanley**
  6-2, 313
Louisville          [internal-link-placeholder-4]   **OT Pat McQuistan**
  6-6, 315
Weber State          [internal-link-placeholder-6]   **OT E.J. Whitley**
  6-5, 301
Texas Tech           

"I expect him to come in here and start," Jones said. "But I want to be real clear now - not start in place of Jason Witten. Both of them will start."  

And with the Cowboys finding their "need" players now on offense and defense, they didn't stop there. With a fourth-round pick they acquired through a trade on Saturday, the Cowboys picked up LSU speedster Skyler Green, a wide receiver who is also considered one of the best return specialists in the draft. 

"He reminds me of Dante Hall," Cowboys scouting director Jeff Ireland said, referring to the dazzling return man for the Chiefs. "We think (Green) can be that kind of player. He's very quick. But we definitely think he can get in the mix at wide receiver down the line. But right now, he helps us on kickoff and punt returns."  

For a team that entered the draft with the philosophy of taking the best available player, Jones admitted to having some specific goals, and said the Cowboys were able to reach them.  

"We wanted more pressure on defense and we got that in Carpenter," Jones said. "We wanted a little more pizzazz on offense and we got that (in Fasano). And now we got some talent on special teams with Green.  

"But it's not just right there. I can say I'm excited about all of the picks we've made."  

At the start of the draft, the Cowboys had just six picks, but finished with eight, thanks in part to three separate trades.  

The Cowboys traded back twice on Saturday, moving back four spots from 49 to 53 in the second round, and then 12 positions - 80 to 92 - in the third round to acquire more picks. In the process, the Cowboys added picks in the fourth, sixth and seventh rounds.  

The Cowboys used their fourth-round pick (125th overall) on Green, who was an All-American selection as a punt returner in 2003 and left LSU as the school's all-time leader with four punts returned for touchdowns.  

The Cowboys then got back on the phone to make yet another trade, once again with the Jets, to get up higher in the fifth round. With the 138th overall pick, the Cowboys added Florida State safety Pat Watkins, an intriguing prospect because of his size. The 6-5,

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