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Cowboys Refuse To Force Running Game

  "He has a specific role that he plays," head coach Wade Phillips said of Jones, whose only touches came on four kickoff returns, for a total of just 54 yards. "The plays that he works on, they aren't really come-from-behind plays. They are more normal-game situation plays. We will be more and more comfortable with him as he learns more."  

  Learns more? He knows sweep left. He knows halfback dive. Again, I didn't remember when the Redskins were so far in front that the Cowboys had to abandon the run, especially from a player who is considered your best home-run hitter. If he has the talent and skills to take it to the house on any play, then feed him the rock.  

  "I was ready today, but there's really nothing I can do," Jones said. "I just wait until my number is called. I can't really get (upset) about it. I always want the ball. But I just have to be ready all the time. Today, we just didn't get many opportunities."  

  Makes no sense to me. But OK, if you don't feel as comfortable with giving the ball to Felix, then at least get it more to Barber.  

  Eight carries for 26 yards? He got 15 on one carry. The commitment to the running game just wasn't there. And that is a shock, considering what the Redskins had to do to stop Terrell Owens and Witten.  

  Did anyone see where Landry was lining up for most of the game? Of course you didn't. Even your widest of widescreen plasmas probably didn't get Landry in the picture. This dude was sometimes 25 yards off the ball. There were at least five plays when I thought he was playing for a quick kick.  

  So obviously, the Redskins weren't stacking the line too much. The lack of rushing attempts shows the Cowboys just didn't have the same game plan to pound the ball like they have done so far this season.  

  They ran the ball 31 times in Cleveland, then 24 against the Eagles before 35 totes last week. And they get to the rough-and-tough division game with the Redskins and they run 11 times, three of which came from Terrell Owens and Tony Romo.  

  I liked the play with Owens, but I couldn't help but wonder why Felix Jones couldn't do that as well.  

  Unfortunately for the Cowboys, when you're not running the ball well, or at all, you rely on the passing game and for some reason, it was off.  

  Yeah, I see that Tony Romo passed for 300 yards and three touchdowns. But anyone could see that he was not on his A-game. He looked rushed, which the Redskins certainly had a big part in that, but he hurried a lot of his throws and just didn't look as sharp as we've seen.  

  Then again, maybe 47 passing attempts is a little high for any quarterback. They asked Romo to do way too much in this game and he just didn't deliver. You can call the passing game ineffective if you'd like. But in this case, it starts with the run.  

  Just like it always does.                                                                                   

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