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Cowboys Surge In Fourth Quarter To Beat Colts

     The AFC got the best of the NFC on Sunday, with just a few exceptions. The Cowboys are fortunate to be one of them.
     Of the seven inter-conference games on the schedule, the AFC won five games, with only the Cowboys and the Bears, who beat the Jets, 10-0, winning from the NFC.
     Atlanta, New Orleans, Minnesota, Green Bay and Philadelphia all lost to AFC teams, helping the Cowboys gain ground without giving up anything in return.
     The Cowboys are 6-4, currently a half-game behind the Giants (6-3) in the NFC East, and now a game up on the Eagles, who not only dropped to 5-5 with an embarrassing home loss to the Titans, but lost quarterback Donovan McNabb for the season with a knee injury.
     The Cowboys can pull into a first-place division tie if the Giants lose at Jacksonville on Monday night in yet another inter-conference game.
     Even if the Giants win Monday night, the Cowboys would be one of the final two wild-card teams in the NFC if the season ended now.
     With Chicago (9-1) leading the NFC North, Seattle (6-4) on top by a game in the NFC West and both Carolina and New Orleans tied at 6-4 in the NFC South, the Cowboys would sneak into the playoffs because the rest of the conference has five wins or less.

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