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Cowboys Top 10

!The rookie second-round pick didn't have many great plays, but he combined a couple in one game against the Colts. While Lee made an even bigger interception in overtime that led to David Buehler's winning field goal, he starts off the list with his first career interception and touchdown, picking off one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

!Like Lee, Barber also didn't produce a plethora of highlights in 2010, but on Christmas night in Arizona, he was able to rip off a touchdown run reminsent of the "Marion the Barbarian" days from a few years back. Unfortunately for Barber, the touchdown was tainted some by his helmetless celebration that resulted in a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff.

!It wasn't his first touchdown, or even his first punt-return score, but Dez Bryant electrified a Monday night crowd at Cowboys Stadium with a dazzling 93-yard runback againt the Giants, marking the second-longest punt return score in franchise history.

!The longest rush of the season was more of a trick play from a wide receiver. But Miles Austin's 60-yard score off a reverse run still counted six points and was a huge second-half play in the annual Thanksgiving Day game with the Saints.

!The first touchdown of Dez Bryant's career occurred in excited fashion as the rookie put his playmaking skills on display with a 62-yard punt return against the Bears back in Week 2. Bryant became the first Cowboys rookie since Reggie Swinton (2001) to return a punt for a touchdown.

!It was only fitting that the former Lions quarterback came through with the game-clinching touchdown against Detroit. Never to be confused with Michael Vick, Steve Young or Randall Cunningham, Kitna's 29-yard rush was the longest of his career, and tied Roger Staubach for the longest rushing score by a quarterback in franchise history.

!This play was even considered for the top spot overall, but was eventually pushed down to four. But in terms of athleticism alone, Austin's play is clearly one of the best as he out-jumped two defenders and raced in for the score. Not only that, but it occurred at a point in the game when the Cowboys were in desperate need of a big play.

!The rookie is all over this top-10 list, just like he was on this touchdown catch to start the scoring against the Giants in Jason Garrett's first game as interim head coach. The mood was different all week and Bryant made sure it continued into the game as well, helping the Cowboys kick off the second half of the season with a victory.

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