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Cowboys Will Resume Talks With Claiborne On Monday

The heavy lifting has been done for the Cowboys and the representatives of first-round pick Morris Claiborne, but the two sides still have work to do to get the cornerback signed in time for the start of rookie camp on Wednesday.

The two sides will pick up talks on Monday, according to a Valley Ranch source, with offset language still the lone sticking point.

After Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III reached deals without offset language – meaning their four-year deals were truly and fully guaranteed by the Colts and Redskins, respectively – the wide assumption was that the remaining unsigned first-round picks would get the same treatment.

However, the Cowboys will make the case that comparing Claiborne to Luck and Griffin is apples to oranges because he is not a quarterback, and the two signal-callers went first and second overall. The three picks between Griffin (No. 2 overall) and Claiborne (No. 6 overall), are still unsigned.

Since Claiborne hasn't practice all offseason while recovering from wrist surgery, the Cowboys would like to get him on the field before departing for Oxnard, Calif. Within the last week, Claiborne has promised he will not hold out.

Of course, the team will have bigger problems than losing out on a few extra million if Claiborne busts and the issue of offset language comes into play before his rookie deal expires.

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