Dak Thanks Witten For Making "A Hell Of A Grab" On TD Catch

SEATTLE – Dak Prescott gave all the credit to Jason Witten for outjumping the Seahawks to grab his first-quarter touchdown pass in Thursday night's preseason game.

"He went and made a hell of a grab over a big defender, and I was thankful," Prescott said. "I told him, 'I love you, thank you for catching that, I needed that.'"

Witten's thoughts on that jump-ball play: A good throw by the rookie.

"It's where you want it. That's the coverage they play," the veteran tight end said. "They've done it for a long time. I expect those out of myself. I appreciate him in having the confidence to let it go. That's a big-time play by a young player."

The ball did look up for grabs, but Prescott hasn't been hesitant to throw passes into tight windows in his first three preseason games. Witten credited him for stepping in and playing earlier than expected Thursday when starter Tony Romo exited the game after landing awkwardly on his back and didn't return as a precaution via coach's decision.

"He's a rookie, but he doesn't act like one," Witten said. "More importantly, he doesn't play like one. He comes on the road, a good opponent (and) Coach Garrett always talks about you never know when that opportunity is going to come."

-Rob Phillips

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