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DCRB Dancer - Adony | 2020

Hey Cowboys Fans,

I'm super excited and blessed to be a part of the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue legacy. Being born and raised in the amazing city of Dallas and now being able to represent our team while doing what I love is something I never would've thought possible years ago.

I've been dancing for most of my life. When I am not dancing, I'm a leasing consultant overseeing an apartment community and helping people find a new home.

My family and friends have been extremely supportive throughout my journey and I know they can't wait to see the team in action this 2020-2021 season.

I'm so thankful for this incredible organization and the platform that Charlotte Jones Anderson and Jenny Durbin Smith have given dancers. DCRB allows us to not only showcase our love for dance but for our community as well.

This season will definitely be one to remember!

Go Cowboys,


Number of years on the team: This will be my second year on the team!

Prior Dance/Entertainment Industry Experience: I have been dancing for a total of 9 years; 3 years in high school, 2 years in college and the past 4 years, I have trained in classes and with DCRB. My dance training and experience includes hip hop, jazz funk, modern, lyrical, and musical theatre.

Nicknames: I don't have a nickname but sometimes if people can't pronounce my name, I tell them they can call me "AD" and then we can just add letters from there.

Hometown: My hometown is Dallas, TX!

I dance because: Dance is my most powerful outlet for anything that I'm feeling. A lot can be said or expressed through dance and it's incredible how positively one can be impacted simply through movement.

What I like to do most besides dance is: Besides dancing, I like to work out, binge-watch my favorite shows, and spend time with friends, family, and my dog Mia.

I've always wanted to: I've always wanted to go on a South American cruise or just a cruise in general. I'd love to travel and do some sightseeing.

Advice to Youngsters: My advice to youngsters is to have all the fun you can before adulthood kicks in and enjoy the art of exploring new things.

My biggest role model is: My dad, his spirit and optimism play such a huge role in who I am as a person. He always put our needs before his own and always enlightened me with our talks. There was never anything he couldn't do, and I admired him so much for that.

What I enjoy most about being a DCRB Dancer is: The overall culture and team dynamic! The bonds I've formed with my teammates are so powerful and they are without a doubt what makes the performances and rehearsals that much more special.

Favorite Cowboys player past or present: Emmitt Smith because I actually got to meet him a couple times when I worked at Raising Canes. He is fun, very humble, and was always so kind to us when he would come through for some Canes!

Favorite Performer: My favorite performer is Beyoncé! Her stage presence, passion, and attention to detail show when she's on stage performing or in anything she creates. She's an incredible artist, mother, and advocate, and a hard-working businesswoman as well.

Favorite Music: Would have to be a mixed variety of pop, hip hop and Latin urban. Honestly, anything I can dance to works for me.

Favorite Quotes: "When words fail, dance speaks." -Anonymous

"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." -Tim Notke.

The three guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are: Bob The Drag Queen because she is my absolute favorite queen, actor David Castañeda from Umbrella Academy simply because he is just so cool and a huge role model to all Latinos looking to make it in the industry, and Bad Bunny because he's hands down one of my favorite artists with incredible energy.