DCRB Dancer - Ally | 2020

Hey Cowboys Nation,

I am so excited to be a part of Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue dance team this year as a veteran!

I was born and raised in Texas and I graduated from Coppell High School. I'm currently in school studying elementary education to be a kindergarten teacher. This is my 2nd year dancing professionally and it excites me that I get to follow my dreams while dancing for the best team and fans in the NFL!

It is a privilege to have the faith and support of my family and friends while having the opportunity to do what I love. I am really looking forward to continuing the DCRB legacy this season.

Go Cowboys,


Number of years on the team: This is my second year on the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue dance team!

Prior Dance/Entertainment Industry Experience: I have been on many teams in the DFW area! I was on Renegades for three seasons, INC at DFC for three seasons, Hooligans from Misfit Dance Co. for two years, and FIDC for two years, as well.

Nicknames: Most of my friends call me A Temps, AT or Ally Cat! I enjoy all the nicknames and sometimes like them more than hearing my full name!

Hometown: I grew up in Coppell, Texas. Go Coppell Cowboys!

I dance because: Dance is a way for me to express myself, to have fun and to let go. The art of dance can act as therapy in any situation for me. Dancing sets my soul on fire and I am so grateful that God opened up that door for me at such a young age and lead me to fall in love with it.

What I like to do most besides dance is: When I am not in dance class or at practice, you will find me hanging out at my church leading at student ministry events.

I've always wanted to: I have always wanted to go skydiving! I am an adrenaline junkie at heart. I love rollercoasters and crazy rides and I get amped up just thinking about the feeling of flying through the sky!

Advice to Youngsters: My advice to youngsters would be to always be yourself. There is only one you, so be it. Be the best version of yourself all the time. Aspire to inspire everyone and love others well.

My biggest role model is: My biggest role model is my big brother. He has taught me that nothing beats hard work. When you put your all into everything you do, you can always move on knowing you gave it your all and have no regrets.

What I enjoy most about being a DCRB Dancer is: The best part of being a DCRB dancer is getting to follow your wildest dreams while dancing for the best team and fans in the NFL!

Favorite Cowboys player past or present: My favorite player is Jason Witten!

Favorite Performer: My favorite performer is Chris Brown. His dancing has always inspired me, and it is so cool to see him do so many different styles of hip hop to his own music. When it all ties together, no other performer even compares. It is a dream of mine to be a backup dancer for him!

Favorite Music: I love country and worship music.

Favorite Quotes: My favorite quote is "The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

The three guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are: The three guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are Ellen DeGeneres, Barack Obama and