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Depth Perception

!Manny Johnson was 1 of several players who was signed from the practice squad to the roster in 2010.

start with this process if you don't know what the situation will be in terms of the salary cap, or an uncapped year, or whatever.  

But while there are always business decisions to make, the Cowboys need to have a better backup plan if they decide to part ways with such players.  

It's like the game of pool. Decent players can make the shot in front of them. The great players are lining up their next two, three and maybe four shots.  

That's what the Cowboys need to do a better job of this offseason. Come up with some better contingency plans.  

Let's say Colombo is released because the Cowboys are confident with Tyron Smith and Doug Free. Business-wise it makes sense. But that decision can only be made if they are willing to start Sam Young or Jermey Parnell. To me, that should be the basis of the decision, if it were mine.  

Can I live with Sam Young starting right now? If so, then go ahead.  

It's the same with any position really. Can Jon Kitna start if we need him to? Obviously, he answered that question very well last season.  

But if the Cowboys are going to simply dump some big-time contracts of players such as Davis, Williams and Newman, there not only needs to be a player who can replace them immediately, but someone nearly as adequate behind them.  

Figuring out the 22 starters is, of course, the primary option. But for this team to really get back to business in 2011 and compete for a playoff spot once again, the Cowboys have to find a way to improve the final 22 spots as well.  

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