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Different Flavor

!The Cowboys used a bend-but-don't-break defense to slow down the Texans in the red zone.

McCray, Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher walk off the field after that long drive, then you know the Cowboys had already emptied the bench. 

And who would've thought that? The Cowboys would be so dominant all game long that they could afford to rest some players in the final minutes. But that's what preparation does for a team. Because Houston tipped its hand last month, the Cowboys were able to capitalize.  

"When you look at it, they ran the same plays they ran last time," Orlando Scandrick said. "It helped us because we've already seen it. And we still ran our stuff, but we had a lot of different wrinkles and packages. I really didn't see anything different from them." 

Advantage Cowboys.  

Just remember how you felt after watching that Cowboys' loss to Houston back in late August. As bad as they looked that day, there was a reason for it. And it was crystal clear on Sunday.  

The Cowboys will take that trade off every time.        

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