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Don't Forget About These Five Plays

IRVING, Texas - In a game that had several storylines that were ignited long before kickoff, many key moments only naturally flew under the radar Sunday night. Let's take a look at five plays that made the difference in the Cowboys' 20-8 win over the Giants: 1. Screen Play
The Cowboys haven't been a great screen-pass team in the last few years, but had it working tonight. In the second quarter, Tashard Choice had a 22-yard reception off a screen pass on second-and-14. Just two plays later, the Cowboys scored for the first time on Romo's 34-yard touchdown pass to Patrick Crayton. But the screen pass, which followed a sack, changed the course of that drive and got the Cowboys on the board. 2. Offensive Interference
Just before halftime, with the Cowboys leading 7-3, the Giants were driving and it appeared to be on the move after Steve Smith caught a 20-yard pass to the Cowboys' 43. Instead, Smith was flagged for offensive pass interference for shoving off on Anthony Henry. That pushed the Giants to second-and-20 and they ended up punting, keeping the score 7-3 at halftime. 3. Newman's First Pick
The Giants opened the first drive of the third quarter and moved into Cowboys' territory before Terence Newman stepped in front of Eli Manning's pass for an interception at the Cowboys' 44. That ended up leading to a series of punts, but helped flip the field position in the Cowboys' favor. 4. Romo's Backward Swat
The Cowboys were rolling in the fourth, leading 14-3 when near disaster struck. Andre Gurode snapped the ball before anyone on the offense was ready. Romo caught the ball in the end zone but was sacked and fumbled. It appeared the Giants had a chance to recover for a touchdown, but Romo alertly pushed the ball out of the back of the end zone for a safety. 14-10 and 14-5, especially with about seven minutes to play, is a huge difference. 5. Choice Draw for 17
That last scoring drive had several big plays - a touchdown run by Choice and first-down conversions by Jason Witten and Marion Barber. But earlier in the drive, it was a 17-yard draw play by Tashard Choice that put the Cowboys in position to extend the drive. A holding penalty pushed the team back to second-and-20, but Choice chewed up 17 yards, which led to Barber's nine-yard run on the next play.

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