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Don't Think This Is The Final Roster

out there. 

  But you sign Lelie, Caldwell or Glenn, and they are yours for the season, or as I said on Friday, at least their contracts. None of that - for now - seems to get them excited. Remember, the Cowboys' injury situation is not everlasting, although Sam Hurd, while out at least for the opener, could be gone a month with this high ankle sprain, Miles Austin likely is another three weeks and Stanback is in limbo. 

  Here is the other thing. Teams are not finished adjusting their rosters, just as the Cowboys aren't. There could be other receivers of interest released in the next couple of days. No sense jumping to conclusions unless the guy you really want becomes available. So what they can do, assuming Amendola and Jefferson clear waivers, is go through practice this week and then on Friday sign one of them to the 53-man roster if bringing only two healthy receivers to Cleveland ultimately makes them nervous. 

  Cutting a guy on Friday you sort of like, and maybe can squeeze onto the practice squad 24 hours later, has a better chance of clearing waivers when teams are two days away from opening the season than they are this weekend. 

  Or, with the addition of Holland, you might have a chance to trade one of your backup guards for something, say a Cory Procter or Joe Berger instead of releasing, say, Marten, who appeared to be the odd man out, even if he was a third-round pick last year. Or maybe someone might give you a conditional pick for Marten at some point. 

  And this also buys the Cowboys some time with Kosier, who is expected to be out, remember, at least six weeks. But who knows? He might be out longer, which if he is, and if either Pat McQuistan, Joe Berger, Cory Procter or now Holland can handle left guard, then maybe Kosier lands on IR - opening up a roster spot. 

  See, that's why I'm saying, "As you were." Don't start screaming about why this or why that? Just settle down. None of this is etched in stone, and my advice to guys such as Marten, Ball, Oglesby and even Courtney Brown - the Cowboys have spoken with Keith Davis' rep - is not to buy a house tomorrow because this is a fluid situation. 

  This is only the Cowboys' 53-man roster . . .  

  For now.                                                                                   

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