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Draft Show Recap: Best & Worst Scenarios?


FRISCO, Texas – One week away.

Finally, after months of preparation, the 2019 NFL Draft is finally in sight. This year's rendition of "The Draft Show" started broadcasting in mid-January, and it's now mid-April. For the most part, the hay is in the barn and the necessary preparation is taken care of.

With just seven days until this year's draft, Thursday's show focused on what might happen for the Cowboys when this draft finally begins – in both a best-case and worst-case scenario.

Here's a look at what to expect when the picks finally start coming off the board.

  • The entire first segment was centered around best-case and worst-case scenarios. What is the best possible combination of second and third-round picks the Cowboys could wind up with? What's the worst possible combination. The guy went around the table and outlined their options – from safety to defensive tackle, from cornerback to running back. As hard as it is to project what might be available, it's even harder to figure out how the board could fall over the course of Day 2. The entire first segment was designed around highlighting the best and worst possible outcomes.
  • As always, the second segment centered around fan questions. This week's questions covered running back, as the guys discussed Ohio State running back Mike Weber, among other options on Day 3.
  • Speaking of Ohio State, there was also a healthy discussion about Buckeye defensive tackle Dre'Mont Jones.
  • There was also a healthy conversation about trading down in the second round, assuming the desirable options are all gone. Would the Cowboys get enough in return to justify trading away from the pick?
  • The third segment featured some healthy debate between Bryan Broaddus and Dane Brugler. With both draft gurus having finished their Top 100 boards, there were plenty of discrepancies between the two. Bryan and Dane compared their grades on some of the Cowboys' primary targets, as well as several first-round caliber players.

Here's the link to the full show: