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Eagles' Jackson: Ryan Comment Uncalled For

Depending on who you ask in Philadelphia, Rob Ryan's August comment about the Eagles being the "all-hype team" may or may not have been a big deal.

Andy Reid and Michael Vick say no, but DeSean Jackson seems to think so.

"It would be good if his players said that, then I could understand that, like we're out there on the field so I would be able to get a chance to get a shot at that player who said something. But for a coach, it ain't like I can go run on the sideline and tackle the coach. I can run past him and score a touchdown, so I don't get caught up in all that stuff."

Not at all. Two years ago, before the Cowboys beat the Eagles for the third time in the same season, Jackson had plenty to say via Twitter and UStream.

It wasn't until last year that Jackson finally did sting the Cowboys as he had promised in 2009, catching four passes for 210 yards in a win at Cowboys Stadium.

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