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Entitlement Program

!Jerry Jones and the Cowboys kept 10 rookies out of training camp.

the 2009 squad when it arrived at training camp. But this year's group was only thinking about the next inevitable step, like advancing further than the Divisional Playoffs was a given. 

That idea was reflected in the way the roster was put together. Business decisions had to be made in some cases, but it was wrong to think all of these guys could be let go with no consequence - Flozell Adams, Deon Anderson, Pat McQuistan, Cory Procter, Patrick Crayton, Bobby Carpenter, Ken Hamlin and Pat Watkins.  

You might now argue the Cowboys miss every single one of them. In place of a lot of those guys are rookies, including a handful of undrafteds. The Cowboys figured they were on such a roll with all of these decisions that they could get away with whatever moves they wanted. They got cute.  

Of course, Wade did warn everyone in training camp that each team, each year, is different, that last year doesn't guarantee you anything. But then he would talk out of the other side of his mouth too, shuffling under the rug things like the nonexistent running game in the preseason. This was a good running team last year, so he figured it would be again this year.  

And now he comes to the realization that the fundamentals are missing? This is a good football coach we're talking about.  

Why would Phillips take for granted his team would execute?  

Why would Jerry and the front office make these personnel gambles? 

Why would the players allow themselves to lax through camp and into the season, doing enough to just get by? 

Questions to ask a shrink.       

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