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Former Jaguars Safety Hoping For Smooth Transition

What attracted you to Dallas?
Sensabaugh: They got a great pass rush. I liked the defense and wanted to see what the 3-4 was like. It seemed like a good fit.

How has the adjustment been?
Sensabaugh: It's going great, I think I'm finally getting to know the team. We pretty much have it all figured out now and ironed out the wrinkles.

The Cowboys have lost a few people in the secondary. Do you look at this as a huge challenge, something you welcome?
Sensabaugh: Yeah it's a challenge; it's always a challenge wherever you're playing or what you're doing. I'm just out there giving my best effort and trying to get my assignments and make a lot of plays. That's what I'm here to do.

What are some of the things that they are telling you to work on?
Sensabaugh: One of the big issues is they want me to cover out there in space, and I've really been working on that and doing a pretty good job, and I'm used to it. In Jacksonville, we had to cover receivers. The corners didn't come over like they do here, so we had to cover a lot of slot receivers. The guys are great here. The organization is great. And the transition, no complaints.

Have they talked about how they want you to improve from safety Roy Williams?
Sensabaugh: Yeah I guess speed and the ability to cover, and I can still help in the running game. I played strong safety in Jacksonville so I can pretty much do all that. But I'm not really sure how that went last year with Roy, but Roy was a good safety. I'm not really here to answer questions about Roy. Roy was a great safety. And I'm just here to play and make my own name.

What's it like to be reunited with Dave Campo and the enthusiasm that he brings?
Sensabaugh: It's great, he had that same enthusiasm in Jacksonville, and he's a great coach to play for. He's always positive and always trying to get you to be the best that you can be. He's a great person to play for, a great coach.

How are you doing with covering the slot receivers in man coverage?
Sensabaugh: Yeah I played against a lot of slot receivers. When I played against Pittsburgh, last time I had to cover Hines Ward. I had to do that for a good portion of the game. My first couple of years in Jacksonville, they tried me at corner, and I've pretty much played every position in the secondary. But I always try to cover receivers.

In terms of run support, do you feel like there will be a drop off between you and Roy?
Sensabaugh: No, no drop off. I was a run support guy in Jacksonville, and in the 4-3 scheme, you pretty much have gaps, so you have to cover the A gap. I played the A gap and would take on lead blockers. And I had surgery on two shoulders, so we did a lot of hitting over there, but this scheme is a lot different. But running game wise, it's a lot easier to play against the run game here.

How different is it being your first year with the team as opposed to being a rookie and coming in for the first time and opening your eyes to the NFL?
Sensabaugh: It's easier because football is standard no matter where you're playing. I mean cover three is three, four is four, man is man. You just have to get the terminology different. Everybody runs the same pretty much defense, it's just a different front, with the 3-4 or 4-3, whatever you want to run it's just a different front. But the backside of the defense is pretty much standard league wise. A little wrinkles here and there, but it's pretty easy. So I just have to get used to the new terminology.

The wide receivers were running down the field, and you're not in the play, but you run down the sidelines too. Are you just trying to mess with the receivers a little bit?
Sensabaugh: No, it's just that for some reason it's an instinct that when I see somebody run a hitch and go or something, and they try to throw the ball to the sideline, I'll try to go pick it off if it lands on the sideline. But if it lands on the field of play, I don't mess with it. I do that all the time.

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