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Franchise Mode

!By trading Crayton, the Cowboys embraced youth and potential over a more proven commodity.

being overly loyal to the role players on the team, the Cowboys have a chance to form a dynasty the only way a team can in this era of the NFL. It's the same way the Patriots, Colts and Eagles have done things over the last decade.  

"It's how do you want your team to progress," Stephen Jones said. "If you're always keeping the veteran guys over the young guys then you ultimately become an old team, and that bites you at some point. So we felt like we had to continue to bring along these young players. They'll improve and they'll get better.  

"If you just said we're going to measure it today, at this point in time, then, you know, maybe you would normally go with the veteran. But if you keep doing that and doing that and doing it again you become an old team." 

Imagine that Madden dynasty two or three years in - it probably looks much different than it did at the start. And if you're managing it the right way, the roster is stocked with young guys loaded with potential, not a lot of veterans who are what they are. 

If you're playing as the Cowboys, it probably doesn't take long to replace Crayton, Watkins or Siavii.       

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