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Frederick Letting Agent, Cowboys Handle All Contract Talks

The Cowboys' All-Pro center is entering the fourth season of a five-year contract, which included a fifth-year option for 2017. Cowboys VP Stephen Jones said on Friday the club is working on a new deal for their center.

But while some players admit to wanting that security taken care of before the season starts, Frederick didn't seem too concerned at all about his contract situation overall.

"For me, this camp is about getting better as a team. The focus is on football not on that," Frederick said. "I have an agent that handles that. If they get anything done, he'll bring it to me."

Frederick has made two straight Pro Bowls and was named to All-Pro teams each of the last two seasons.

Recently, Alex Mack signed a contract worth $45 million, including $20 million guaranteed. Mike Pouncey of the Dolphins is the second-highest paid center with a total contract of $44.7 million and $11 million guaranteed.

It's safe to assume Frederick's camp will be asking for the Mack range, especially if the negotiations last past this year and the Cowboys center stacks another All-Pro season to his resume.

"Obviously it would be fun to stick in one place and make something work," Frederick said. "Like I said, I have people that deal with that for me so I don't have to worry about it. We'll see how it works out."

-Nick Eatman

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